perjantai 13. joulukuuta 2013

The First Cut Is The Deepest

Here we go, another attempt of creating a blog. Even though I am quite bad at any kind of voluntary documentation, be it for official capacity or just a personal diary, I have always had a desire to have some kind of evidence of my existence. Even if it is some superficial markings, its nice to occupy a space in the world. This is just for my own pleasure, just to create a time line for my collecting.

So to the actual topic of this here humble blog of mine: Wrestling DVD's and Blu-rays. Be it from the WWE (my main collection) or any other wrestling related video material, I am a collector/hoarder of sorts. While my collection isn't large in any sense of the word, It is considerable when taking into account my location (the currently freezing nation of Finland) and my humble financial assets. But with the aim of steadily expanding my collection, I hope to create a library of wrestling material which I can then leave in my will to some poor unsuspecting sod. Preferably a collection which I can confidently store in a "vault" without feeling awfully silly in the style of Jim Cornette's vault.

I hope to expand this blog by both listing the arrivals but also by going back and looking back at my collection. And to begin this process, here are the new arrivals:

WWE: Wrestlemania XXVI (2012) Blu-ray

Wrestlemania 26

This arrival is from a few days ago, it has been cataloged has not yet reached the shelve. The latest occupant to my Wrestlemania Collection. I will be documenting that later in more detail. To be Continued...

WWE: The last third of the PPV's of 2012 (2012, duh!) Blu-ray

Night of Champions 2012, Hell In a Cell 2012, Survivor Series 2012, TLC 2012

The first order from Fremantle, the new provider of WWE DVD's and Blu-rays in Europe. The ran a nice winter sale from which I decided to splurge on some event Blu-rays, even though that is not the focus of my WWE-collection. But these were both the first event discs produced by Fremantle as well as the first PPV's I watched after my triumphant return to wrestling obsession. Some nice events with CM PUNK as champion feuding with John Cena and Ryback as well as the debut of The shield (nice!).

WWE: The Best of In Your House (2013) Blu-ray

The Best of In Your House

And last but not least: The Best of In Your House, from the same sale as the previous 2012 Blu-rays. A nice collection of matches from the bastard stepson of WWE PPV's: In Your House from the New Generation and Attitude-eras. An enjoyable watch indeed.

So this is all for now. More to come soon.

Till next time!